Diaper Bag Cake Toppers

If you’ve visited my shop you know that I not only do cakes & other treats locally but I also offer some of my treats and fondant toppers online to purchase and ship all over the world.

Since opening the shop I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing fellow cakers who’ve become not just frequent clients but really great friends. One of those wonderful cakers is Brenda, whose been getting toppers from me for over 2 years now.

She does some fantastic cakes & it’s always an honor when she asks me to make a topper for one of them. Recently she asked me to make some baby shower themed toppers for a diaper bag cake she had to make. Here’s a few pics of the cake she created using my toppers (baby bottle, bib, pacifier, baby shoes, buttons, & butterflies). Didn’t she do an amazing job?!?!

*If you’re ever in the area of Allegany, NY or live in that area and need a cake definitely look Brenda up. She does amazing cakes & is a wonderful lady.*

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