This Weekend’s Cakes 3/1/14- Smurfette and Disney Car’s

The most wonderful compliment you can receive as a caker is when a client comes back to order again…..or at least that’s how I feel. Nothing makes me happier then having a client come back, it’s like a big pat on the back & saying job well done.

This weekends cakes were ordered by a client who just a few weeks ago ordered a set of baby shower cakes from the bakeshop & was so thrilled that she came back to place another order.

Though it was only a week’s notice I was more then happy to take the order especially when I was told one of the cakes would be a Smurfette themed cake….I’ve made lots of Smurf toppers but never had the chance till now to make a Smurf themed cake so I was excited! The other cake would be a Disney Car’s themed cake and she wanted me to recreate one of my past Car cakes which was a huge delight & compliment.

Check out the pics below of the Disney Car’s birthday cake and smash cake and the Smurfette birthday cake!!

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