This Weekend’s Orders 5/10/14 – Red Carpet, Dr.Who, & Naughty Toppers!!

One of the great things about doing what I do is being able to make stuff for my family & friends. This weekend was my cousin’s daughter 13th birthday & she gave her a surprise red carpet themed party. When she had told me about the party I immediately said I would make the cake & it would be my gift to her.

This was the first time doing a red carpet themed cake & took a few sketches before finally deciding on a design for it especially since I wanted it to be perfect & amazing for the birthday girl.

Even though it was a red carpet themed I wanted to incorporate something special into the cake design, something I knew the birthday girl would squee over so it was an easy decision as to what to do…..I created some edible images of a few of her favorite fandom’s (Dr.Who, Supernatural, & Sherlock) & put them on the film reel topper for the cake.

Check out the pics below of her red carpet cake!!

In addition to the big cake I also made her a very special personal cake. She had asked me on Friday if I would please make her a TARDIS cake. Though I didn’t tell her yes, I told her I was sorry and wouldn’t be able to this weekend….little did she know she would be getting a surprise at her party.

I couldn’t wait to give her the TARDIS cake & when I did I never could’ve imagined her reaction. She was so happy to get it & loved it so much that she actually cried and that right there made all the hard work worth it.

Check out the pics below of her TARDIS cake!!

In addition to the cakes I made this weekend I also received an order from an old friend for some cake & cupcake toppers for her sons’s birthday’s. She decided she wanted to do a boob cake & cupcakes and enlisted me with the task of making a set of boob cake and cupcake toppers. I really did have fun making them & decorating them in different ways like tattoo’s, piercing’s.

Check out the pics below of the toppers!!


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